20 September 2007

I'm moving!

I've squished both my blogs together into one big fat blog.

The link is here


if you're not taken straight there in the next few seconds.

See you on the other side!!


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06 September 2007

Thank God for You Tube

I usually loathe mimes. Really. A lot. But this man could change my mind.


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26 August 2007

TIme to brag about my alter ego's new cover...

Isn't it nice? *grin*
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24 August 2007

Meme of 4

Lesley Speller tagged me with a Meme of 4

Four jobs I’ve had or currently have in my life:
1. Author (weee - it says that on my tax return)
2. Flogged repossessed houses
3. Worked in Tax
4. Worked in the Tate Gallery bookshop

Four countries I’ve been to:
1. China
2. Egypt
3. Hungary
4. USA

Four places I’d rather be right now:
1. Accepting a lottery cheque for squillions of pounds
2. *Still thinking about the above...*
3. *Yep, it's not gone yet...*
4. Okay, buying the third series Box set of Doctor Who... What, it's not November yet? Bugger

Four foods I like to eat:
1. That Pasta/salmon thingy I had in Rome
2. A bucket of shrimp
3. Prawn foo yung
4. Fishcake and chip butties - with mayonaise *grin*

Four personal heroes, past or present:
1. Avon (Blake's 7)
2. The Master (John Simm, of course)
3. James Mason
4. John Milton

Four books you’ve read or are currently reading:
1. Agatha Christie's 1930s Anthology
2. Character Naming Sourcebook by Sherrilyn Kenyon
3. Cooking in Ancient Civilisations by Cathy Kaufman
4. The Bodyguard by Michelle Hasker

Four words or phrases you would like to see used more often:
1. Frelling
2. Quirk
3. Antidisestablishmentarianism
4. Vote for Saxon

Four reasons for ending a friendship:
1. They're an alien and I'm the next host
2. They're an alien and they won't let me play in their spacecraft
3. They're both.
4. They're a figment of my imagination ( see above)

Four smells that make you feel good about the world:
1. Vanilla
2. Cinnamon
3. Nutmeg
4. Freshly cut grass

My Question: Four Things You'd Like to Do Before you Die but Never Have
1. Found the fountain of youth
2. Bottle the above and drink from it daily
3. Find out what's in the empty space beneath the Sphinx's paws
4. Be shockingly and sickenly wealthy LOL

I'm going to tag... Impworks, DarkDwarf, Jessica D Russell, and Elena Croft. :-D Play if you want. Ignore me if you don't. hehe


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21 August 2007

My alter ego has a book out. Horror Romance, anyone?

Want to summon a demon? Look no further!

Step 1. Ensure that you've built your city on an island they once ruled.

Step 2. Use the Crystal that bound them to the Underworld. (It's behind the Nine Thrones. You can't miss it.)

Step 3. Have a traitorous second-in-command who has summoned onebefore. Oh and *please* ignore your need for this person. It's wrong. You know it. I know it.

Follow the above steps to have an 18 foot, rancid-breathed demon at your command.

One thing I should mention, before you go to draw out the summoning pattern…

DO NOT let the demon take the Crystal from you. Really. I mean it. That'll get you into a whole world of trouble. Almost as bad as getting together with your former second-in-command. Which you are not
going to do... Are you?

Right, as long as that's understood… and oh…

Happy Summoning!

TO SUMMON A DEMON releases 21 August 2007!

Buy it here:
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10 August 2007

Off to the land of the Red Dragon...

...see you in about a week.


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07 August 2007

This is real. I want to go and see it. Now!


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02 August 2007

Ahh the joys of a website

My website decided to have a freak yesterday. Paragraphs were a thing of the past as were some of the links. I have a WYSIWYG web tool called Goldfish. It's very good for somethings, but generally hates text in clumps of more than a 100 words. Which is a bugger when I have excerpts *sigh*

I spent 12 hours on it. Then had to walk away before I through something at the screen. I sorted out a long term bug over one picture which came to me literally at the 11th hour. So very pleased about that.

I also have some news over at my other blog:


which is rather nice *grin*
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18 July 2007


...is mild compared to today.

This Master moment is soothing me:


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17 July 2007

Odd thing today...

Today I was angry. Really angry. Vesuvius-on-crack angry.

The situation that made me go up like a hypernova was completely unexpected. But the odd thing was, that I knew something seriously negative was going to happen about twelve hours before.

I went to sleep Sunday night with a serious feeling of forboding. All the morning, I kept having flashes of unease. Then two o'clock... bam... Eta Carinae takes out a corner of the known universe and the day got progressively worse from there. So it seems that negative emotions travel back in time, for me at least. Wonder if positive emotions work the same way. Maybe I'll be grinning like a loon Thursday night, since the Euromillion lottery is drawn on Friday. That event would certainly solve my really, really shitty day.

To leave the post bizarrely, because it's far too late and I can't sleep (see above), here's something else from my You Tube obsession of the moment:

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23 June 2007

Oooh, wonder what I've been watching...

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14 June 2007

I know I've been a naughty monkey

Yes, I haven't blogged for a while. More than a while. Eep. But it was a good distraction, edits and wips. I have the edits for TO SUMMON A DEMON, which have to be handed in for Monday coming.

I've also progessed on two wips, ANGHARAD and DARK HOST aka MAU. The latter is becoming more bizarre by the day. YAY

Oh, and I also found out this morning that PAST LIES is going to print in Feb 2008. Which is very nice *grin*

Samwise got the second series of Dr Who with his birthday money. This was Monday. I've sat through most of them at least twice. So trying to keep David Tennant out of my wips... which sounds vaguely rude, LOL

And sorry about the capitals, but I seem to have lost the ability to do italics and links and stuff. Google does not like my MacBook. *sigh*
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24 May 2007

The past few days

I meant to do Wordless Wednesday. And I meant to TT yesterday and then today.

All the above didn't happen as I bought a new putie and I've been playing with that.

And I've gone over to the darkside... I'm now the proud owner of a MacBook *grin*


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22 May 2007

Nimue's Price... out today!

My alter-ego has a book out today... ;-)
Nimue's Price by Kim Knox

Dark Fantasy ~ with a dash of sex...

Buy it here:


Smelling like an overcooked pig was only the start of a bad day…


Damn it, no. He was leaving. "Merlin! Wait."
Nimue stretched out her hand, caught his, gripped it. Something slick wet her skin. She turned over his hand and found blood and crescent-shaped cuts dug deep into his palm. "You're bleeding."

Merlin tugged his hand free and eyes as dark as her own narrowed. "It's nothing." He stepped back. "You need to rest, Nimue. We're strong. It's how we have the Sight…but we still need to eat and sleep after an…encounter."

Strong? True. Already, the shakes, the dull throbs of pain through every muscle, were fading. A smile pulled at her mouth and Merlin's eyes deadened in response. Silent curses ran through her head. He'd wanted her. Every sense had screamed it. Now, that had changed.

All right. She would start again. Morgan had given her time.

Her gaze dropped, fixing on the strong column of his throat. She focused on the strip of black leather slipping beneath his tunic. Nimue had seen the crested ring that hung from it. He had held it up to a flickering candle, the black, carved stone blazing, and told her of his father. The ring was his only connection to that long-dead man. She calmed her nerves. "Will…will you be my teacher?"


Her name was almost a growl. She ignored the delicious shiver running over her skin. Morgan had warned her about this. He will weave his magic around you, Nimue. Wrap darkness around your heart. Resist that. And you can destroy him. She let out a slow breath. "Who else can show me, Merlin? It's taken you years." Her eyes lifted and she ran slow fingers over the sharp edge of his jaw. He flinched. "I'm…I'm scared."

Something flickered in the dark depths of his eyes. Then was gone. Merlin backed away. "It's the king's decision."

"Then we go now."

A muscle in his jaw jumped. His mouth opened. Then shut. "Yes."

He stared over her long, creased dress. She followed his gaze and saw the stains of blood and urine "I have to change. I'm sure the king wouldn't approve." A smile twisted her mouth. "And the Queen would be horrified."

Merlin's mouth flattened. "If the king decides I am to be your mentor, your irreverence stops, Nimue."

She couldn't help herself. "So I have till then?"

"You know that's not--" Merlin bit back more words and turned to the solid wooden door. "Let's go."

He shot back four heavy bolts and tugged at the wrought-iron ring. The door groaned. Nimue stared back at the raised circle that had burned her with agonising light. She hadn't told him a lie. She was scared. Voices had whispered in that searing light, whispered of the distant future, the forgotten past. One Voice told her power could be hers. It would be hers. All of it.

Nimue crushed her eyes shut. She had to deny the memories, and shook her head against them.

She drew air into her lungs and she focused on Merlin's straight back.

The Voice had promised her his power.

Her bare feet padded over cold stone. Think about the cold. Concentrate on the chill numbing her soles. She couldn't let her thoughts dwell. But she failed. Arthur's sister had sent her to the court to worm her way into Merlin's affections. And she had done that. The ease of doing so still surprised her. However, there was the other side.

She needed to see the brooding lines lift from his sharp, handsome face. To have Merlin smile at her and let that smile light eyes too used to looking inwards and seeing horror.


That was his magic.

Morgan had said.

She tugged at his arm. "Will I have to endure the light again?"

Merlin pulled free and didn't stop his fast pace through the curving, torch-lit tunnel. "No."

"What happens if the king says no?"

He stopped. He didn't look at her, instead his face turned down the smooth-stoned tunnel. His voice was cold, hard. "The Iselin Dal will use you as they wish. As They used me. Until I learned."

Panic skittered through Nimue. She knew the stories of the screaming, insane wild-man Merlin had once been. Sometimes she saw the memory of it flicker across his face. "I--"

Narrowed eyes fixed on her. The power in them prickled over her skin. "It's something you must be prepared for, Nimue."

She forgot her role. "And you would be relieved!"

Merlin's jaw tightened. "Yes."

The shock and pain of that answer shot through her nerves. Nimue grabbed at the carved stone for support, felt the sharp edge dig into her palm. "How could you…?"

"You were a dalliance, Nimue. Nothing more. Now you're a threat to me. And we both know it." She swung her hand without thinking. Merlin's strong fingers caught her wrist, pinned her arm to the wall, blocked her with his body. "Don't we?"

Nimue couldn't breathe.

The mixing odours of stone, leather and Merlin's clean, male scent shot through her. The hard strength of him pressed against her had her heart thumping. She stared up into dark eyes, catching the flicker of fire in their depths.

Want pulsed.

Her hips shifted. Slow. Sure.

Merlin groaned, his gaze dragging to her mouth.

"Just one taste, Merlin." Was that her voice? Soft, breathless? "Where's the harm?"

His lips parted, his breathing harsh, and the liquid fire low in her belly flared. The urge to sink her teeth into his lip consumed her. For her to finally taste him, let his tongue, her tongue--

"Enough!" Merlin stumbled back. "I'm stronger than that," he muttered. Cold eyes fixed on her. "They must have you for my own sanity."

"And that's what you'll tell the king?"

Merlin's jaw lifted, his spine straightened. "Yes."

"You condemn me, Merlin."

He turned. "You shouldn't have come to the court."

Nimue watched him stride down the tunnel. "I had no choice."

(c) 2007 Kim Knox

Thank you for reading!

Here's a snippet of Nimue's Price 5 star review:

Nimue's Price is one of the best fantasies this reviewer has encountered, and I truly hope author Kim Knox will expand on the exciting denouement and deliver further stories of Nimue and Merlin! I intend to find everything this very special author writes, and add them to my Keeper Shelf. The characters, the plot, the fantasy and paranormal elements, and a rapid pace that never turns the reader loose, all make Nimue's Price an excellent story and a welcome addition to the reader's library of keepers.

Reviewer: Annie




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16 May 2007

Thursday Thirteen #10 ~ Wips and tags

Today was the day that I decided to really sort out my wips (works in progress). As the list got longer and longer I realised I had my TT for the day, LOL

I have an order that I plan to work to... but if anyone wants to have a say, feel free *grin*

Thirteen Things about Kim Rees/Knox's wips

1… Finding Angharad ~ 20k
Haunted by her past, is Rebecca right to fear the betrayal of another man?

2… Mau ~ 30k
How many times can I screw up? Let me count the ways…

3… Roarke’s Drift ~ 50k
What else are her scars hiding?

4… The Bone Magician’s Daughter ~ 100k
The metal is hungry.

5… The Seduction ~ 50k
To protect her brother, save her father and save herself Emily must seduce her boss.

6… Alchemy ~ 100k
No… I had to go and find the king doing… that...

7… Fatal Vision ~ 100k + sequels *gulp*
Would you trust a man called Rat?

8… Chosen ~ 30-50k
“Do you want to live?”

9… Guardian Angel ~ 30-50k
Payment is enough to do whatever is necessary.

10… The Aramaean Queen ~ 75k
Here she is, a Queen, waiting for him…

11… The Winter Prophecy ~ 75k
Magic is returning. And nothing’s prepared them.

12… Half Memory ~ 75k
Witches, vampires and demons, oh my!

13… The Stronghold ~ 20k
...where a name can kill.

Links to other Thursday Thirteens!
1. (leave your link in comments, I’ll add you here!)

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Be sure to update your Thirteen with links that are left for you, as well! I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 13 things. Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!


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